About my horse story

I love horses.  I absolutely think they are amazing and beautiful.  I look at their images in the art on my walls, and think, “They’re so beautiful“.  I love to be around them, touch them, look in their eyes, and smell their necks.  I’m not that much into riding, though.  It all goes back to my childhood…

I was a very fortunate girl to get a horse when I was 11 years old.  My horse cost my folks $75, and her name was Babe.  Babe was a swaybacked, 25 year old Thoroughbred mare, 8 months pregnant, bred by an Apaloosa Stud.  He had a perfect white blanket over his rump with big dark spots on the white blanket.  I saw him at some point in Hermiston, Oregon.  My Uncle Dan found the mare, and somebody went to get her for me. 

Well, you can’t ride a real pregnant mare, who is uncomfortable in those last, big months.  The new filly was born to Babe on April 12, 1972.  I still remember my Dad coming in  to wake me after he discovered the foal when feeding early that morning.  What excitement!

We lived less than a mile from the Fairgrounds, where our horses were boarded.  We scurried down to the Fairgrounds, and I saw the foal.  Amazing, how sweet newborn anything is.  She was a chestnut filly, clean, white blaze on her face, and four white socks that went nearly to her knees and hocks.  What a great surprise!  She was in perfect health, standing, nursing, laying down again.  I remember sitting with her in the stall.  Just sitting next to her.  I handled her from the very first day.

As a kid who wanted to ride, I was frustrated to be left out from other activities, but I learned from my 4-H leader Donna Miley, and my Grandad Steve Nevil, and I loved this foal.  There is so much to learn from the ground.  I am a big believer in ground training – which now has a different name – and those early years of my horse training has been a big benefit to me now that I work on and around the big ones.

For more information on horse communication and expression, read Horses Don’t Lie, by Chris Irwin.  Check to see if your library has it.


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