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Miriah kissing Washashe

Miriah kissing Washashe

Miriah Stuart has been studying anatomy, horse massage, and equine exercise physiology since 2002.  She has received certification in Equine Body Work (R) from Equinology, Inc, a highly respected and thorough program of Equine education in California, and around the globe.

Miriah is currently a candidate for Veterinary Thermal Technologist, having completed the academic requirement at University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010.  She is currently preparing the case studies required for board certification.

She is a member of International Equine Body Worker Association, a founding member of Oregon Horse Country (division of Wilsonville Chamber), and American Academy of Thermology.  Miriah has trained with, and is grateful to Dr. Kerry Ridgway, Debranne Patillo, Dr. David Marlin (UK), Dr. Jim Waldsmith and Dr. Tracy Turner.

Add to this list, as of October 2010, Dr. Deb Bennett, with an intense anatomy & biomechanics training of the horse as a whole organism.  I am changed by this experience.  Thank you, Dr. Deb and my terrific classmates.  We were from diverse Equine service businesses – farrier, body worker, massage, chiropractic, rehab therapy, dental, trainers & students – riders, every one of us, and completely dedicated to the horse.  We came from Oregon, Washington, Montana, Georgia, Illinois, New Mexico, California – and certainly some I didn’t ask.  What a curious & passionate group.

Miriah is a dedicated equine professional, celebrating many years in business.  She provides Equine Bodywork, Thermal Images, and saddle fitting in a holistic package to find the pain issues, and help the equine athletes.

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