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Dr Jim Waldsmith with camera & Dr Tracy Turner with foot.
Dr Jim Waldsmith with camera & Dr Tracy Turner with foot.

I started my (official and acedemic) thermography training in February 2010 at the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine. I am very grateful that I have found this path and training – and especially thankful for the passion in Dr. Jim Waldsmith and Dr. Tracy Turner for the pioneering work they have done for horses with infrared technology since the 1970s.

I had first seen a thermography camera at the horse barn in 2004 in Santa Rosa, California. I was on a trip assisting my teacher, Jacquie Becker, who had heard of a Thermographer from the Bay Meadows Race Track. She called for his assistance with a lame mare that day.

I was amazed by the instant answers that the camera gave us about the horse’s lameness. It showed a bright red target on the anterior/front of the cannon bone on the left hind leg. The image was provided to the vet, who then took x-rays to diagnose the injury.

I still see that first image in my mind, like it was a minute ago.

I was hooked on thermography. I love the camera, and it combines very well with my Equine Body Work  and saddle fitting services.

The University of Florida training fulfilled the academic requirement for my certification as a Veterinary Thermal Technologist.  I am currently working to complete the case studies required for Board Certification with the American Academy of Thermology.
I am very excited to find this path of training and Board Certification, so that I may provide thermal images to Vets and owners so that we can see the issues in the animal.

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