Thermography Clinic at Lake Oswego Hunt Club

Miriah Imaging hind legs of this mare. Totally Non Invasive procedure

Join Miriah Stuart for an afternoon clinic at Lake Oswego Hunt Club, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Saturday, April 14, 2012, 3:30-5:30
Class presentation – What is Equine Thermography?  How can it help my horse?
Live demonstration on 3 horses – See the actual results immediately.  We will look at 2 jumping school horses and 1 dressage horse.
Case studies shown in the presentaion
  • tendons & ligaments
  • saddle fitting
  • discovery & feedback of horse’s current exercise program
  • prevent injuries by monitoring training & conditioning
  • tool for monitoring injury rehabilitation & recovery
  • shoulder injuries
  • see spinal nerve impingement
  • discover the amazing power of cold hosing
Saddle fitting issues, left shoulder and right lumbar, especially
Contact Miriah Stuart, EBW & VTTc for more information
Equine Bodyworker & Candidate for Veterinary Thermal Technologist
Canby, Oregon
“Trained by Vets, for Vets”
See the page About Miriah for information on her Training & Education

Miriah to Speak at Oregon Equestrian Trails State Convention

Hind view, Injured hamstring. Red is not normal here.

Miriah Stuart, candidate for Veterinary Thermal Technologist (VTTc), will be one of the educational speakers this year at the State Convention for Oregon Equestrian Trails (OET).

This event is happening Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds in McMinnville, Oregon. 

Speaking times are 2:30-3:30 and 3:45-4:45 pm

We look forward to seeing new faces who are interested in hearing about this exciting new technology.  The presentation will also discuss the Sustainability of your horse’s exercise program.  Is your horse able to hold up?  Do you experience Vet bills for lameness issues?  None of us like those; they cost us money AND TIME, and pain to our animals.  I speak from experience, and truly enjoy sharing this new information.  I am an advocate for the horse, and the infrared camera is my tool of discovery.  “Let’s have a Look.”

Miriah was nominated for “Most Innovative Business of the Year” in 2011 for bringing infrared technology to the barn.

To read more about the History & Pioneers of Veterinary Thermography, click this link.

Healthy herd horses enjoy touch – this conveys comfort and a sense of well being

Phone Miriah Stuart at 503-980-8739 to ask further questions about thermal images for your horse.

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The Herd Takes Care of Its Own

Healthy herd horses enjoy touch - this conveys comfort and a sense of well being

Here is a link to a great story of a horse who was stabled in a stall, not given paddock or herd experience, and what he does when turned out with a herd.  This horse needs help, and the dominant mare knows what to do.  Its not a quick read, but a great story of herd behavior.  If you haven’t had the honor of seeing this in real life, find a local herd and ask to go watch.  Their social life is very easy to translate into our human experience.  Be open minded when you watch.  A dominant mare, and herd pecking order is invaluable in the society.

Psych Central Blog – A Lesson From The Herd Click this link to go to the article, and see other topics on Equine Therapy for human recovery and healing.

I added this comment to the article…

Thank you for this article. I have seen the herd “take care of its own” like this. I also believe deeply that the instinctive dog, sensing something not normal in the seized up horse, was helping to shock it out of its daze. It knew that this horse needed a push, and what animal better than a canine, to do this job for an equine? That’s one of the predator’s positions in the Universe. Having predators will create survival of the fittest. I have every good hope for this horse to recover his instincts, spirit, and equine herd skills. Hooray for a herd of “school board” mares. Aren’t they a crack up?

To read more about Equine Body Work, Google the topic and add your city or state.  Horses are being assisted every day with lameness, soreness, crankiness, saddle fitting, and assessment of their whole body wellness.

Thermal Imaging Clinic for Valley View Riders

Thermal Image of hind fetlocks of horse.

Miriah Stuart will be conducting a thermal imaging clinic Thursday, September 1, 2011, in Wilsonville, Oregon.  This is the monthly meeting for the Valley View Riders, held once per year at Cindy Tyree’s stable.

We are looking at three horses – one with mystery lameness that has not yet been diagnosed, one with saddle fit issues, and another “on an off” type lameness.

Looking at several horses will give the viewers more insight into what is normal and not normal.  After the images are taken, I will show them on a laptop screen, for easier viewing and discussion.

Hind legs of horse, redness on cannon bone is not normal.

Call Miriah at 503-980-8739 if you are in the Wilsonville area and want to attend.  It’s a bring your own chair event.

Many topics will be covered – saddle fitting, tendon & ligament health, exercise physiology & sustainability.  Also, because I get so many questions about it – how to discover if my horse has back pain?

Thermography Presentation Hillsboro Oregon for OET

Helping Horses by Finding the Pain

Hot front foot is 23 degrees F. warmer than the other three. This is not normal, and after cold hosing, I found a cut on the outside of this hoof.

Oregon Equestrian Trails (OET) will be hosting Miriah Stuart for a presentation at their monthly meeting, Tuesday, June 6, 2011.  Miriah will be showing many thermal images that she has taken and discussing how Infrared Imaging is helping to find the horse’s pain.  This is a private meeting for the club, held at Elmer’s Restaurant in Hillsboro, Oregon.

If you would like to have Miriah make a presentation to your group, call 503-980-8739.