Comfrey – A Favorite and Reliable Herb

Comfrey is one of the handiest herbs for injury.  If the text recommends a compress,  here’s what I do.  Get a small hand towel or rag wet, then ring it out.  Heat the towel alone in the microwave 1-2 minutes, take care removing – it will be hot.  Lay the warm, damp towel out flat, then crush a few large leaves of fresh comfrey, and lay them on the towel.  Fold the towel over the leaves, and place on the horse.  Have it be warm, not hot for the horse.  Very important.  Then, you can lightly wrap the rag and leaves with a leg wrap.  Leave on for 15 minutes, no longer.  We have used this daily for 4 days and had amazing boost to the healing time.  It really reduces inflammation, too.

Grow some at home or at the barn.  Comfrey is very well suited to many climates.  At home, mine is growing on the north side of the house, but I have seen it in Sonoma County, California growing in full sun.  Very versatile herb for horses – read more.

Miriah holding Comfrey, Skyview Farms Canby Oregon