Cleavers – It Sticks To Everything

Very young Cleavers - they stick to everything

Today, I saw the beginnings of a terrific Oregon backyard herb.  It is cleavers.  Spelled clivers, in reference books from the UK.  Here is a photo of cleavers very early in spring.  

I give a heartfelt compliment here, to Mary Ann Simonds, of Vancouver, Washington (to our North).  My first book about Herbs for Horses was written by her.  She is an amazing resource, author, clinician, and  funny woman when she starts talking about the differences between mares and geldings.  I saw her at the spring Equine event in southwest Washington in 2009 with friends, and we were in stitches with her insight and style.

Mary Ann loves mares, loves how expressive and attentive they are to their herdmates and human companions.  She is right on, and I highly recommend her DVD, My Space, Your Space.  It is about horse and human communication, and she knows her stuff.  I know because it works.  I am safe in my horse massage work, in part, because of the training and example of Mary Ann Simonds, and others like her.   (Hot Link below for Mary Ann Simonds website).  Mary Ann gives very sound advice to the horse owner wanting to learn more about herbs to support their horse’s health.  Pick an herb or two and use them until you are comfortable in their uses and benefits.  

Back to cleavers…  when I find it later in the spring, around May here in Oregon, it is climbing on fences, and can be pulled off in 5-6 foot strands.  The stem is square, and there is plenty of  it (3-5 inches) between sets of leaves. 

This photo shows cleavers that are very young.  It will continue to grow longer and annoy anyone with fences covered by it.  Everywhere I see it, I offer to remove bunches, and no one has ever said no.  Please, take more – here – let me get you more buckets. 

Read up on cleavers in my favorite books about Herbs for Horses. 

Click here to go to Mary Ann Simonds Mystic Horse

  • A Modern Horse Herbal, by Hilary Page Self, Kenilworth Press
  • Herbs for Horses, published by The Whole Horse Journal, written by Mary Ann Simonds.  Contact here website above – Mystic Horse – to see if there are any more books available.
  • All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets, by Mary L. Wulff-Tilford & Gregory L. Tilford.  An absolute must for me to care for my aging Border Collie, Shelby.  I have been able to deal with arthritis and more recently, seizures with my dog.  I love herbs for pets.  Once you have a diagnosis, this book is very easy to find help in the index. 
  • Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses, by Mary L. Brennan, DVM.  This book also has a great index and helpful format.  Dr. Brennan has written a fabulous book – I have used it for many years.  Published by rafalgar Square Publishing, click here for the horse and rider books website. 


Cleavers on a retaining wall

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