Kacy Heinrich’s horse

Hooray for Horse Massage!  Washashe loves it. 

Miriah kissing Washashe, October 2008, Beavercreek OR

Although, as I can recall in a violent flash, she didn’t love me on first contact.  This mare hurt.  And she is very sensitive, and very expressive.  A Thoroughbred Mare – go figure.  Her owner Kacy loves her, and I like her alot.  Sometimes I want to  massage with deeper pressure, because she’s a big horse, but not this mare.  Get the instructions straight or get out of the way.  She wants the pressure she wants.  Cool thing, like a mare, she is very expressive and appreciates someone who listens.   

The more a horse understands that you are listening to them, the quieter they can become about it.  Your instincts are the best listener, when it comes to animals.  If you feel something is wrong, it may be.   Phone a friend, call your vet, ask your riding friends, get a pony committee together.  Mostly, listen to your horse.  Ask your horse – what do you want me to know about you?  Are you happy?  Is the food good here?  Are you lonely?  Any pain or discomfort?  Does your saddle hurt you? 

Washashe’s saddle hurt her way back when I met her.  Immediately, Kacy and her trainer were happy to change tack and help the horse.  Good spirit, all the way.  Wa got happier, and we all got happier.  I am blessed to continue to keep Wa in great shape with a massage every few months.  Her last one was terrific, and Kacy reports that Wa is happy.  And if she isn’t, she’ll tell you. 

Shoulder muscle (deep cranial pectoral m.) in Miriah’s hands. Supple shoulder muscles really help a horse reach out with big strides.

Thank you Kacy, for the lovely and very expressive photos from that day.  Look for more of this mare’s session on another massage or anatomy page. 

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