Hamstrings 2 – Comparisons

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Equine Hamstrings and injured inner thigh muscles - heat and inflammation shows red.

These three images were taken in late March 2010 – six months after this gelding was injured.  He has been happy and running in the field, and seemed completely ready to return to work.
Bo’s inner thigh muscles – not normal

This angle shows so much of the excessive heat in the thigh area.  We were taking these photos at 8 pm, on a cool March night.  Two other horses imaged that same evening are shown below, for comparison.

Note that all five of these images have the high temperature the same at 93.7 degrees Farenheit.  This is shown in the vertical rainbow bar on the right of each image.  The lowest temp is 58.8 degrees F.  This helps to compare the images to each other.


Horse inner thigh - heat and inflammation


Honey's hind end - heat (red) in this image is normal because this area is a concave shape.


Catera's fit, normal hamstring muscles. Heat (red) is normal because this area is a concave shape.

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