Lois Wifall’s horse – Tie Up

This horse tied up before the first vet check & had to walk back to camp


The first image on the right shows a horse whose muscles have “tied up“.  This horse started with the 100 mile competitors, but stopped on the trail 7 miles out of camp, at 5:45 am, according to Lois.  She could go no further, because of the painful seizing of her muscles.  We are looking at the left side of the body, and the white area is the muscle cramping over her side.  Her withers are shown at the left of the photo, and her neck continues to the left (off of this image).  This side wasn’t the worst, however.  The worst side was the opposite. 

Tie up on the right side lumbar region, in front of the point of hip

Here is the photo showing the most critical issue in this mare’s body.  This area in the lumbar region of her back muscles felt rock hard under my hands.  I had never felt this before.  This hard, broad mass rose about 1/2  inch higher than the surrounding muscle tissue.  The size is an oval, approximately 8 or 9 inches long from front to back, and 5 or 6 inches from top to bottom.  By the time I came to the horse trailer to take images, this horse had been resting for over 12 hours since the early morning tie up, and the vet had given it Banamine at that early critical care.  An image speaks a thousand words…