Pet Owners Unite

Dear Pet Owners,

The American Veterinary Medical Association is currently open to public online forum.  We can say what we want reviewed in the current law.

If you have a passion, like I do for Horse Massage, please make your comments public.  Click here to go to AVMA policy changes page.

Here is the truth – I read the full document yesterday…

As the law currently reads, if I were to ask my vet to recommend an animal massage professional – they can’t do that for me.  Even if they feel that massage may be able to alleviate my animal’s pain, which is why I go to the vet. 

Vets don’t want to practice body work and massage, and the public is asking for these choices to become available.  Make standards, if you need to, about approved training programs, or number of training hours required.  This way the public can have some protection from untrained individuals who may cause injury.

 Please make well trained and certified animal massage professionals an exception to the rules of the Veterinary Practice Act – similar to the exception for animal trainers & horse shoers.  If body work could alleviate pain in our animals, then we need to be able to find this for them.


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