Presentation for Union Mills Feed Store – Sat, Sept 22, 2012

Miriah will be a presenter at the Annual Union Mills Feed Store – Horse Health Clinic on Saturday, September 22, 2012.  This year’s event will be held at Holcomb Hills Stables in Oregon City.  Registration starts at 10:30, event starts at 11.

Right side of horse, immediately after saddle removed.

We will be discussing saddle fitting, since this is a favorite topic of most riders.

We will be discussing thermal imaging in equine science – how it helps the vets, and finds the pain in the horses.

Bring your questions, and your curiosity.  I love an eager audience, and this annual event brings wonderful horse owners out to learn and enjoy the speakers.

Any question, call Union Mills Feed Store, 503-829-2386.  This is a free event.  All are welcome.  Call Miriah at 503-980-8739 with questions about saddle fitting or thermography for animals.

Left side of same horse. Notice the differences in the two images.

Looking at the two images on this page, it is very obvious to me that the horse is experiencing an unbalanced rider.  Why does this saddle not fit?  Why does this rider sit uneven?  How can we improve our riding and saddling so that the horse has a better (pain free) exercise session.

These questions are very important to me, and thermal imaging helps me show riders the story of their horse’s back.

If you would like to have a demo for your group of friends, contact me – 503-980-8739.  I truly enjoy sharing with a group.

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